Ercol Furniture

Ercol began in 1920, and ever since then design has always been at the heart of ercol – design for comfort, design for function, design for beauty.

Ercol furniture combines practicality with unrivalled craftmanship, showcasing beautiful dove tail jointing and quality elm timbers which are no longer available in such quantities and quality due to dutch elm disease’s dramatic reduction of tree stocks in 1960.

At Retro and Vintage Furniture we buy, restore, and re-sell a large number of Ercol pieces and are grateful for the solid wood construction that allows us to sand out any imperfections and always achieve an immaculate finish.

1st November – Christmas is Coming!

Today we have been working on an order for a client that wants a vintage Ercol Grand Windsor Dining table & 8 chairs. They want to be able to accommodate their extended family for dinner at their new home this Christmas. We’ve been stripping and sanding the Quaker chairs all day and to say we’re all a bit dusty would be a MASSIVE understatement! It’s a long and painstaking process bringing each chair back to its immaculate former glory, but we take pride in being the best in the business, and ensure we take every care in preparing these wonderful vintage works or craftmanship for their fresh coats of shellac polish.

So if you’re thinking of having the family round for Christmas Dinner this year, take a look at our wide selection of large extending dining tables and have a think about whether it may be time to upgrade to a more accommodating table for you, your friends and family.


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